Kamis, 02 Agustus 2007

Bali sound of peace entertaiment

Bali sound of peace is form community in Kuta, this form integrate for universal of band indie around kuta and denpasar area, and this form community have also sponsor from company around kuta like: cak resto restaurant, provider from telecommunications ( telkomsel ) and have more another company.

For event bali sound of peace stay in Central parker kuta (istana kuta gallery), and this event show every week in there. And program show indie band must pay, this money for program social rent sound system, consumption, and soft drink for member show inside that event ( bali sound of peace).
About schedule this event for a week show we can 13 band for show, and next week more can show again. And now 26th August 2007 we have special event, that format program is “rumah ngamen” for Sunday sunset, bazaar, music and art.

Entertaiment this :
Suicidal sinatra
Claopatra, oliver twist
Tantra, acoustic water
55 frats, aksara silant hill and many more…

sorry if i wrong write this article..

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